Submit your script, concept or film online. Nehst Studio executives will read and respond – and advise you of the next steps to take. We have several projects in production that came directly from online submissions. Are you next?

$10 administrative fee to submit



Nehst Studios actively produces projects pitched online and in live events, as well as hiring talented participants in Nehst workshops ... (more)



Personal "sitdowns" with Larry. It doesn't get any more one-on-one than this. These are a smash hit — sign up soon to get the dates you want.


Group pitch sessions are available for film groups interested in learning about the pitch process, and pitching their work to Nehst. Group sessions can be via skype or in person upon discussion.

Aspiring Filmmakers Bootcamp

Bootcamps are back! These 3 day intensive workshops are a crash course in filmmaking with Larry Meistrich and members of his team.

Learn how to pitch or pitch now and make a pitch online. How to pitch Pitch now